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by briarwood6thgrade

Published on April 30, 2015

Oh, hi didn't see you there, are you here to see the PianoManao? Well I'm glad you're here, The PianoManao is a great way for kids (and maybe even some adults) to learn musical skills. In a fun way! Some kids love computer engineering but also want to learn music. The PianoManao is a great way for kids that love computers to design a better Keyboard! Cause I know ours isn't great!

Credits: Creators: Marlee Clarke Susie Green Co-Creators: Max Bunte Jaelen Chamberlain

How To Make It


Step 1 Grab all bits needed. (Battery,Power,Keyboard,i32 filter,i31 oscillator,Speaker)


Step 2 Connect all bits in order from step one.


Step 3 Power on.


Step 4 Play the keyboard and see how it sounds


Step 5 Tune the keyboard the way you want it


Step 6 Turn volume up if you want to annoy your parents.


Step 7 Play sounds and songs.


Step 8 Have Fun!!!

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