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A Simple Traffic Light

by Zhang_Buzz

Published on December 21, 2015

This is a simple simulator for the green-red traffic light. The green light will be automatically turned off when the red light turns on. You can adjust the time durations of green light and red light by using screw driver.

Duration: 15 minutes

Credits: Joe Zhang, Buzz Zhang

How To Make It


Turns green light on Connect USB power to pulse, connect pulse to number, adjust number to "up" mode, connect number to fork, connect one end of fork to inverter, connect inverter to RBG led, set RGB led to green.
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Turn red light on Connect another end of fork to an inverter, connect the inverter to another inverter, connect the second inverter to RGB light, set the RGB light to red, connect RGB light to pulse, connect pulse to number.
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Final step Connect number to a fork, connect one end of fork to wire, connect wire to the reset of second number; connect another end of fork to an inverter, then connect inverter to wire, connect wire to the reset of first number. You can adjust the speed of pulses to control the duration of lights.

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