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Quizbits, a Rule Your Room Kit Invention

by cookiehawk

Published on August 2, 2016

Invent a quiz game with the Rule Your Room Kit! Using a pencil and Makey Makey, you can transform plain index cards into buzzing game pieces.


How To Make It


BUILD YOUR CIRCUIT Power + Makey Makey + Buzzer & Servo
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PRESS YOUR CIRCUIT ONTO THE MOUNTING BOARD Secure your circuit by placing it on a mounting board.
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CLIP ONE ALLIGATOR CLIP TO THE LEFT ARROW PAD AND THE SECOND ALLIGATOR CLIP TO THE EARTH PAD. Your body is conductive, so touching both clips lets electricity flow through the Makey Makey Bit, triggering an ON signal to the buzzer & servo Bit.


CREATE YOUR QUIZ CARDS On one side of an index card, write a question on the top and write four possible answers below. What kind of theme does you game have (Sports? Music? Geography? Video Games?)


USE A PENCIL TO CONNECT YOUR QUESTION TO THE ANSWER By drawing a line from the question to the correct answer with a pencil, you conductively connect them.


PLAY QUIZBITS! Test out to see if the circuit is complete when connecting the question with the answer. Try shading it in darker to make sure they are connected.