RC-D2 Blimp

by stormtrooper

Published on March 5, 2018

Are you having trouble buying a remote airplane because

(1 you don't have much allowance 
(2 your parent is stopping you
(3 other

so u can just make one out of you-know-what. so there!

Duration: 3 days

How To Make It


Putting together the balloons Recycle balloons from party or blow up R2-D2 balloons. I used three balloons because of my bits & mini-figures that weight total of 120 g. Put all balloons together with ribbons & scotch tapes.


Build the circuits (controller) (port 1 slide dimmer-transmitter controller = power-split- (port 3 remote trigger-transmitter
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Build the circuits (blimp) (port 1 servo power-receiver- (port 3 fan
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attach the circuit. attach blimp circuit to a board. Then attach the board to a ribbon on the balloon.


To fly the blimp, check out the video above!

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