Reinvent Dad Rock

by arjun_littleBits

Published on May 13, 2016

This powerful, easy-to-use modular synthesizer lets you create music and instruments with dad. 

Use the Synth Kit to become the awesomest father-son electronic music duo of all time.

Duration: 5 mins

Credits: Harry & Joey & PT & Casey

How To Make It


Make your instruments! Make a Keyboard: Keyboard + Oscillator + Filter Make a Sequencer: Micro Sequencer + Oscillator + Envelope + Delay Connect them: Power + Split (connect one wire to Mini Sequencer and other to Keyboard) + Mix + Synth Speaker
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Picture 1


Make a beat! Use the tempo dial on the micro sequencer to find the right speed and adjust the nobs to make a kick/snare like pattern. Use the envelope the change the attack and decay of each beat and the delay to bring a polyrhythmic element.


Solo on the keyboard! The keyboard acts like the singer in your synth band. Use it to play a melody to compliment the beat from the micro sequencer. Use the filter to give your keyboard the proper voice.


Rock out! What other instruments can you bring into your synth band? What genre do you want your synth band to play? How cool will it be when your record gets Best New Music on Pitchfork?