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Relay bit - a safe connection to other systems

by alexpikkert

Published on November 9, 2015

LittleBits DIY relay bit for a safe connection to other systems.

With this relay bit, built on the HDK perf board W29 with just a few extra standard available electronic components, a safe connection to other electronic systems can be made. The separation is realized via a miniature relay, controlled by any input bit. The external system can be connected to the relay contacts via the isolated terminals on the bit surface. These contacts are fully separated from the LittleBits system.

Now all the LittleBits configurations and automated designs can be used in combination with existing electronic products, for example: 

Multiple LED’s
Miniature motors (ON/OFF and reverse direction)
Radio ON/OFF
Camera flashlight
Any other system you can think of.. 

Important note:
Although the relay contacts can withstand more, it is strongly advised for safety reasons to use this bit only for systems up to a maximum voltage of 12 V with a maximum current load of 1 Amp.

How To Make It


Get the perf board W29 from the HDK kit. Get the perf board W29 from the HDK kit.
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Purchase the additional components See the BOM.
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Heat up your soldering iron! Start soldering....
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The circuit diagram The circuit diagram
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