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Remote Pet Dusting Robot

by Travis Sluss

Published on October 8, 2015

Have a hairy dog? Hair in the corners of your room? Under the table? In your bed?! This robot is for you! Just snap together a few litteBits and you too will have your own Remote Pet Dusting Robot!

How To Make It


The remote! To put together the remote first we need to add a split to the power. Then we connect two slide dimmers to the split and the dimmers to the wireless transmitter.
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The bot! Next we will put together the robot by attaching the second power bit in the kit to the wireless receiver. On the first and third receiver port we put the two motors. Then we attach the motors to the base and connect a duster!
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Start remote pet dusting! Sit back, relax and dust in style with your littleBits Remote Pet Dusting Robot!
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