Robot Bicycle Jousting Bitolympics 2016 #bitolympics

by Curiosibot

Published on August 14, 2016

Robot Bicycle Jousting

We rigged some toy bikes to hold the DC motors and batteries and servos are mounted on the arms of the robots yeilding their weapons. 

The DC motor turns the wheel and the robots can fight each other with moving arms. Other variations that you can add to this is using the PROTO bit to hold an ir receiver and use a remote or the ir transmitter bit to control the robots.

We also tried the WIFI transmitter/rec. but all of the moving parts require a lot of battery to operate!


If you want to use the remote control option you will need: another POWER, PROTO BIT, IR SENSOR, IR REMOTE OR LITTLE BIT IR TRANSMITTER, BUTTON. 


We printed little wheels as side supports to help the bikes stay up as the bits can over weight the bots. 

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