by devincifablab

Published on November 10, 2016

ChickEntertainment proposes you the quintessence of the miniature design with its project of interactive grill room. Activate(start) the cooking of a wave of the hand by keeping(guarding) the authenticity and the charm of a traditional cooking, and reveal your love for the steakhouse and the chicken by contemplating the golden curves of the poultry of your dreams

Duration: 2 days

How To Make It


Steps for construction of Rôtissor-2000 We have to try at first to develop a simple circuit then we had the idea to make a portable grill room. We began the 3D impression(printing) of the chickens (1:20 am). The implementation of the (cardboard) "oven" with the addition of the aluminum on walls, and the creation of the axis of rotation with the straw and the aluminum surrounding him(it). Finally we "skewered" the chickens on the straw. We also set up a so called window in plastic film. Finally we have to add a cardboard "ground" to the installation

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