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"Running Man"

by h23chmats

Published on September 5, 2016


Our invention was really hard to do but we had done it. All we did was that we did the olympic sport  called Track. We did this sport because this sport was the easier sport we could think of. We call our invention the “Running Man “.So our invention makes this person run. It is for people who like to do the sport track. We invented this because we wanted make an invention made out of little bits and bring inventing to life. For people who want to run can run who  would want  to know how can watch this. My invention works if you switch the switch on then the two motors reel it in. That's what my invention is all about.

Duration: 30mins

How To Make It


Creating the Running Man Part 1 1st we had to make the guy out of popsicle sticks.


Creating the Running Man Part 2 We had to connect the usb port with the usb cable.


Creating the Running Man Part 3 3rd we had to connect the slide switch and the branch to the usb port.


Creating the Running Man Part 4 4th we had to connect the DC Motors to the branch and tape the string to the DC Motor


Creating the Running Man Part 5 Lastly we had to put each of the string in one of the holes of the fan and then you tape it to the guy.


The Life Of Our Creation Then you switch it on then it would reel the guy in.

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