Save Ferris

by Lmsbush

Published on April 23, 2014

Inspired by the fantastic and awe-inspiring World's Fairs of a bygone era, Save Ferris incorporates all the dazzling lights and action, but at a miniaturized scale.

Powered by the DC motor bit, the ferris wheel frame is composed of lasercut chipboard pieces and a bit of hot glue. Egg carton cups, 1/4 inch diameter wooden dowels, and straws create the ferris wheel carriages, each capable of accommodating a mini toy-soldier. The EL wire and Pulse bits light up the base of the ferris wheel.

All of the bits are contained in a small chipboard box cantilevered off the vertical frame. 3D CAD software was used to generate the lasercutting files.

How To Make It


Download the laser cutting template files to cut out the ferris wheel pieces from 1/8th inch chipboard sheets.


Stack and glue together 3 of the "A" frame pieces that will comprise of the vertical support for the ferris wheel. Repeat this process to create a second stack that will lay horizontally on the ground. Glue the bases of the horizontal and vertical stacks to each other.


Glue and snap together the motor box/bits container pieces. Leave the top open for the time being so you can insert the little bits.


Arrange the little bits together in this order: Battery + Power, Wire, DC Motor, Wire, Pulse, Light Wire. Insert and arrange them in the motor box such that the DC Motor shaft sticks out of the hole cut in the container side, and the Light Wire sticks out of the box.


Use a rotary tool or small saw to cut the 1/4 inch diameter wooden dowels so they are 1.5 inches in length. You need 7 pieces. Glue them into each corner opening on the ferris wheel frame.


Glue the bottom right of the motor box to the top of the vertical "A" frame so that the box cantilevers off the side.


Stack and glue together 7 circle cut outs onto the middle of the ferris wheel cutout. Align the center opening with the DC Motor shaft, apply glue, and slide them onto the shaft. Make sure that the shaft can still turn and rotate freely.


Use scissors to cut 7 straw pieces roughly 1.5 inches in length to slide over the wooden dowels. Obtain an egg carton and cut 7 cups from the carton. Glue them to each straw and slide over the the wooden dowels to complete the ferris wheel carriages. (Optional: Place a small toy soldier or Lego figurine into each carriage for funzies.)


Take the Light Wire sticking out from the motor box and wrap around the vertical "A" frame.

Turn the power switch on and watch the ferris wheel come to life!

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