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Seashore soundwaves

by f.j2

Published on February 17, 2017

This project demonstrates the awesome possiblities of our LittleBits modules.

We create the sound of waves, rolling on a rocky seashore.

Ideal for relaxation.

How To Make It


Changing the capacitor on the timeout module Change the capacitor on the timeout module from 220uF into 10uF. This can only be done by a qualified and skilled person. It's not truly necessary to change this, but you might find it easier to tune the little resistor on this module to achieve precise settings. The timing goes now till 18 seconds instead of 5 minutes.
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Modifying the envelope bit By changing 2 parts on this module, we can now have longer attack and decay, needed for having slower changing rates. Replace the 1 uF capacitor ( yellow circle ) into 4.7 uF. Replace the 100 Ohm resistor into 120 Ohm. The total time of attack and decay become now 12 sec. The picture shows the new parts, soldered in place.
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Mount the OptoCoupler circuit Set the switch on the light sensor to " light " Adjust the colors of the RGB module at mid position, you can experiment, though. Put the 2 modules on top and facing each other.
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Assemble the circuit Following the pictures, assemble the circuit, power up and you're ready to go. Tune the different settings of all bits to achieve your personal shore. You can also download a more detailed picture under " other files "
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