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Server Droid

by Anahit

Published on August 31, 2017

We have equipped our Droid with a tray, so it can deliver drinks.

We used the new, incredible Droid Inventor Kit from littleBits to create it.

The tray that we have made sits on Droid's shoulders. The Droid will rush to deliver the drink as soon as the glass is placed on the tray. When the drink is delivered and removed from the tray, the Droid will stop, waiting for another order to deliver.
There is a proximity sensor Bit on the tray that triggers when the glass is placed and makes the Droid move. Once you take the drink off, the sensor deactivates and the Droid stops moving.

The source of inspiration to create this Droid was an episode from Star Wars series, called “Return of the Jedi”, 1983. In the episode C3-PO works as a translator for the cruel Droid EV-9D9, while the R2 unit serves drinks so it can stick around.

We have included all templates and instructions, so you can easily make the same!



How To Make It


Make the tray Print out the tray template on paper (see templates.pdf attached). Cut corresponding pieces off from cardboard and sticker paper and glue them together according to the pictures. Please note that you will need to carve into the foam board to put the Bits inside.
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Install the proximity sensor Bit and power supply The project is based on the "Force" mission, so everything has to be connected according to the instructions for the "Force" mode. First, connect the power Bit, the proximity sensor Bit and the wire Bit together, according to the pictures, secure the Bits with a piece of scotch tape from the back.
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Put together the body Again, we have to follow to the instructions for the "Force" mission for connecting the control hub Bit, the DC motor Bit, the servo Bit, and the other Bits. However, all Bits and the battery are mounted on the back side of the body according to the pictures. NOTE: you may chose to not connect the servo Bit if you want the Droid to make circles for example. In that case you will need to adjust the angle of the front wheel.
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Install the tray Connect the end of the wire Bit to the top connector of the control hub Bit and install the tray according to the pictures. Also put the stickers on if you haven't done that yet. Glue the ribbon to the back section of the tray as it is shown in the picture. Leave the upper edge higher from the tray surface. It will protect the items on the tray from sliding and falling down.
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Final test Load the littleBits Inventor App on your smartphone and go to the control panel of the "Force mode". Turn the Droid ON. It must not sense anything. If it does sense and triggers automatically, then you may need to make the hole on the top layer of the foam board a bit wider. See the picture. You can design the shape of the hole in the way you like. When you hover your hand over the tray the Droid should trigger and move. That is all! Enjoy your Droid! Now you can place on the tray the drink or anything else you want your Droid to deliver for you. It will enjoy serving you!
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