Simple weather forecast - who likes tomorrow's weather?

by tam

Published on October 1, 2014

This quite simple picture will tell you tomorrow's weather forecast.
A 5-year-old girl made this interactive story. There are three animals; Rabbit, Mouse, and Frog who likes sunny, cloudy, and rainy weather respectively.
Yes, simply push the button then you will see Rabbit for sunny, and Frog for rainy. Everyday, she is looking forward to meet the animal.
It was our first time using littleBits, and I wanted to make up the project with short time and a little power.

How To Make It


Set up your cloudBit. Build the Circuit: Power + Cloud + Button + Servo


Access IFTT ( ) to make recipes. Use Weather channel ( ) with a Trigger of "Tomorrow's forecast calls for". *See also the screen image of IFTT above for your understanding. Trigger : Set 3 kinds of recipes according to "conditions". That is Clear, Cloudy, and Rain. Action : Set the littleBits's action with "Set output level" to each conditions. You can adjust the volume of "output level". For example, 30 for Clear, 60 for Cloudy, and 90 for Rainy. Each actual volume depends on your case. Lastly, set Duration with "Forever". This Trigger will happen only at the moment when the Weather channel updates weather forecast data. And if I would like to see weather forecast on this picture anytime, I need to get the weather forecast data continuously. That is why I selected "Forever" for Duration.


Draw 3 animals for each weather. And set this to servo. Please see the picture above.


Draw the picture for cover board. And open the window to see the animal. Finally, connect littleBits with the picture and so on. You may have to take a time to adjust "output level" on IFFT, to find an appropriate position of 3 animals who will appear in the window.

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