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Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

by fxcuissot

Published on March 9, 2017

An automatic pet dispenser made with litlleBits and some recycled stuff I found at home; such as a Cardboard box, a Box of country pâté, a Pringles can, …

Visit full story here: https://fxcuissot.com/diy-smart-automatic-pet-feeder/

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Duration: 2 Hours

How To Make It


Cut the pringles can
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Enjoy a good old box of country pâté and then make holes as seen on the picture
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Get a cardboard box and cut a hole on the top as seen on the picture. Glue four wood craft sticks.
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(configure your cloudBit: http://littlebits.cc/cloudstart) Circuit: USB Power + cloudBit (+ Timeout (Optional)+ Servo Glue your mounting board on the cardbord and then place your circuit
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Glue the Servo on the small hole of your box of pâté
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Stick with a powerstrip your X accessory for the Servo on the bottom of the pringles can
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Cut the Pringles can’s plug as seen on the picture
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Place Pringles can’s plug as seen the picture
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Tape pringles can’s plug and the box
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Place and glue the box to the cardboard
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Place your servo bit as seen on the picture
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Clip your Pringles can to the Servo
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Almost ready, let's automate it :-)
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Go to IFTTT.com, create a new applet: If “Button Widget “Then “littleBits output level 100% for 2 seconds” Bonus: Go to IFTTT.com, create a new applet: If “Date & Time / every day at HH:MM” Then “littleBits output level 100% for 2 seconds” Feel free to share yours, ask for any improvements or questions on how to build it ! Did you try it at home ?
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