by kburrus

Published on April 26, 2015

This was part of the "Create a Creature" Challenge.  We just made our creature at our littlebits party this past weekend... We have named it "Soap-zilla" since his body is a bottle for bubble soap. Thought about using the fan to blow bubbles, but it got messy. His eyes light up to see in the depth of the ocean as he swims around in the Sea of Japan. He has spinning RADAR on his head to detect prey and navigate. T

The specific bits used in the project are power, two long LED, motor, branch, and wire. 
We also had LEGOs, tape, and kid toys as inspiration.  

How To Make It


First we connected the branch to power and added the two LED long lights for eyes. The green discs were from a LEGO set and fit perfectly over the LED to make big bright shiny green eyes fit for our Godzilla bubble soap container.


Then used the long wire off the branch to the motor and taped it to his head. More LEGO parts made the circular RADAR and viola.

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