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Soil Moisture Meter Project Using Microcontroller

by microcontroller_tut

Published on January 14, 2016

Grove - Moisture Sensor : Basically grove moisture sensor is used to measure the moisture of soil . It also can be used as water sensor. We can water plants according to its humidity by using the sensor . Look at the sensor pictures and its pin out. Grove - Moisture Sensor Grove - Moisture Sensor Microcontroller Based Soil Moisture Meter Microcontroller Based Soil Moisture Meter Basic Concepts: The Moisture sensor will be connected with a pic microcntroller and a LCD display will also be connected with microcontroller . Moisture sensor will provide voltage into microcontroller's RA1 pin(ADC) according to the humidity of soil . It will provide reading from (0-721). After calculating the percentage and soil condition , the microcontroller sends out that data to the LCD Display . That's the basic concept . get full details & all pictures here :http://www.pictutorial.net/2015/11/microcontroller-based-soil-moisture-meter.html

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