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Spark Fan 2000

by CharliGalaxy

Published on May 30, 2017

It's Hot Outside. Why not build something to cool off your best friend (and, most likely, the guy that needs this the most). With a few lengths of tape to secure this portable contraption, the summer sun is no match for your bit skills.


Future dogs will need this. In fact, any dog needs their own, soothing bitsterpiece to fan away the heat! What better way to show our little buddies we love them?



Duration: 30 minutes

How To Make It


Fan Engagement Begin creating your fan by snapping together the battery bit with the Bluetooth low energy bit. Then snap the bargraph bit, and finally the fan. Test the assortment a few times with your phone to make sure that it reacts correctly to your sliding motion in-app.


Harness Attachment You're almost there! All you need to do is find a harness or leash suitable for your pet. Snugly tape or strap the bit configuration so that the fan is securely nestled around his/her neck! Engage the fan to make sure it does not catch the fur or ears.

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