Spider prank

by magnehage

Published on April 1, 2015

Spider prank is a cloud controlled spider moving on the outside of a milk carton. 

How To Make It


Wash and clean an empty carton.


Connect battery and wire to the powerbit, then cloudbit and servo motor.


Glue a small magnet to the servo motor arm, and another one on the belly of a small plastic spider. Attach the servo engine to a small piece of wood that will fit inside the carton.


Turn the bits on, test cloud connection and hide them inside the empty carton. Be careful to place the servo engine arm so that the magnet is close to the carton ( we had to place a couple of cardboard bits in between since our magnets were to strong ).


Glue the top of the cartoon shut and place the plastic spider on the carton. The spider will stay in place because of the magnets. Get ready to prank! When your friends see the spider on the carton activate the cloudbit from your phone or computer and the spider will appear to crawl across the carton magically!

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