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Mr. Tongue Pumpkin (with movable tongue) #Hack Halloween Challenge

by Awesome spawn

Published on October 23, 2016

This is just a fairly simple invention that uses a cleverly carved pumpkin, a servo, some cardboiard and a slide dimmer. When you move the slide dimmer, the tongue will also move. This a sure and fun way to scare some people on halloween!

Duration: 10

Credits: Pooky and I like to work on Little Bits together, but this project I did solo.

How To Make It


Get a Pumpkin Just get a pumpkin, it's as simple as that. Tip: Make sure that the pumpkin can be carved and is fairly big.


Carve the Pumpkin Just carve the pumpkin in a normal face shape, but make sure that its' mouth is big and low to the ground so the servo can reach the mouth. P.S. Add a small hole in the back for the servos' wires.


Hook Up the Servo Make a cardboard tongue (make it however you want, get creative!) and attach it to the servo (but make sure the cardboard tongue is long enough that it can reach outside of the pumpkins' mouth) and put the servo inside the pumpkin and put the wire connected to the servo through the hole in the back of pumpkin you made in Step 2.


Add the Bits Now hook up the servo wire you put through the small hole to the servo bit itself, and then add the USB power bit and the slide dimmer bit and you are now done!

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