Star Chart

by littleBits

Published on April 24, 2014

Learn about astronomy and project the night sky in your room. 
This DIY star chart shines a bright LED when it gets dark due to the light sensor.

Visit our lessons page for more information about stars and light.

See pages 22-23 in the Space Kit booklet for more info.

How To Make It


Create the circuit shown in the image gallery.


Cut the bottom off of a plastic cup.


Trace the wide end of the cup on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Tape to the widest opening of the cup.


Tape bright LED on top of cardboard circle. Place power & battery inside the cup. 


Roll a piece of paper into a cone and place cup inside. Tape cone ad cup in place once you’ve set it.


Tape light sensor on the outside of the cone.


Print out a star chart (see attached file: SPACE LESSON: STAR CHART). Cut chart to size to fit one end of the cone. Use a pen to poke holes where the stars are on the chart.


Create a handle out of cardboard. Cut a rectangular strip and tape ends together then tape it to your cone.


Turn off the lights, the darker it gets the brighter the stars will be!

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