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StarWars Tauntaun Marionette #bitwars

by BitMaster34

Published on December 27, 2015

Luke wanders across the frozen surface of Hoth. What is that he sees ahead? He pulls out his binoculars and looks through them. "What?", he cries, "A Tauntaun dancing in a box!"

Duration: 30 Minutes

How To Make It


Make the Tauntaun Draw the animal and cut it out of cardboard. Separately cut out the body part you wish to manipulate (in this case the arms). Punch a hole in the arms and a hole in the body. Push the split pin through all three layers, and splay open. Tie a piece of fishing line to the Tauntaun's wrist.
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Draw and Cut out the Animal


Make the wheel Trace around a round object onto the cardboard. Cut out 2 circles. Punch a hole in center of 1 circle. Push a lego axle through the hole to the front, sliding a lego half stopper over the axle. On the back of the circle, push on a full stopper and half stopper. Tape second circle of cardboard onto front of the first circle, hiding the exposed half stopper.
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Push Axle through Wheel


Assemble diarama Place wheel near the top of the back of the box, and punch a hole where the axle touches the box. Holding the wheel inside of the box, slide axle through the hole. From the back of the box, slide the motormate onto the exposed axle. Tape the other end of the Tauntaun's fishing line to the front of the wheel. It may take some adjusting to get the length of the line correct.
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Picture 1

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Picture 2


Set up the LittleBits Fold a piece of cardboard and tape a shelf to the back of your box to hold the DC motor in the correct position to connect to the motormate. Slide motor onto motormate/axle. Attach the wire to the end of the DC motor and lead it up to the top of the box. Then attach button, power, and lastly the 9V battery.
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Picture 1


Tips and Troubleshooting • Try to reduce friction between the motormate and the cardboard box by making the hole large enough.

• Weight down your Tauntaun so he doesn't fly!

• Adjust the fishing line if his arms don't move or the motor jams.

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