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Stick Figure Michael Jackson

by Shem

Published on October 13, 2014

Thrill your friends and show them who's bad with this Michael Jackson version of the stick figure costume! 

How To Make It


Bend the lightwire into whatever shape you'd like! The lightwire is great because it generally holds its shape once you bend it. In this case, we contoured it to iconic Michael Jackson props: hat, glove, thriller jacket, shoes and socks. We also secured it to clothing and cardboard in the shape of a stick figure and a smiley face!


Use a needle and thread to sew the lightwire to your props. We used tape in some places as well.


To wirelessly control pieces of the costume, we used a wireless receiver in the separate circuits and controlled them from the wireless transmitter.


Cue up your favorite MJ jamz and rock out!

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