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Stone Cyclops Challenge: Code kit + LEGO

by mmalpartida

Published on June 25, 2017

In this game you have to guess which button is the correct one and then you can take a piece of treasure from the Stone Cyclop's chest.  If you are wrong then you will meet your doom.

We used the new Code Kit as well as some additional yet optional bits from the littleBits library.

Duration: 8 hours

How To Make It


Design Game We decided to take the concept of our Minecraft Creeper Guessing Game which is in a 6' tall Creeper and reduce it to something more portable. The game generates a random number and assigns it to one of the button inputs. If the player picks the right one then display an winning animation and play the winning sound. If the player picks the wrong one then display the losing animation, play the losing sound, and activate a dc motor to knock over some LEGO boulders towards the player.


Build the LEGO structure We went with an inspired by Indiana Jones style of underground cave scene. I think this part took the longest to get it look cool and still be functional.


Test and troubleshoot This part took long too since we were trying to use just one output to control 3 possible sounds. Had many iterations to get to a stable execution.


Play the game! All my daughters and the kids at my latest littleBits workshop loved the game! Success! Hope you are inspired to make your own game!

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