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Sun and Moon

by xXxAdaixXx

Published on February 14, 2017

Hello, Fellow inventors! Here, you can see that we have made a very cool project to share to you all! Please, do not hesitate to scavenge ideas from this project so you can make your own, and yes, PLEASE do upload YOUR version of this project to the LittleBits website!

Truly Yours, 


Duration: This Project Took around 20 - 30 minutes to make

Credits: My partners don't want their names listed, so i'll just say Grade 6 students at The Kaust School.

How To Make It


Step #1 Build your circuit – Power + Light Sensor + Servo motor


Step #2 Build the stand that the earth will be sitting on; try using design ideas to make your own stand!


Step #3 Cut out a earth-shaped circle and cut a small rectangle in the center, (Or just laser cut the whole process)


Step #4 Stick the servo motor's blade through the hole and use hot glue to glue on a popsicle stick to the blades. (Do not worry. The blades are not sharp!)


Step #5 Take some yellow paper and cut out a sun and moon from it.


Step #6 Glue both of them to each end of the popsicle and let it cool down.


Step #7 Now, set the light sensor mode to "light". This means every time you let the sensor detect light, the servo motor will move once, and once you block the light source, the popsicle stick will reverse back to its old position.


Step #8 (Optional) You can now colour your sun and moon project! The best place to start would be the Earth. Colour all the land and water to their respective colour and then you could colour the stand the Earth rests on. As always, have fun adding detail and Good Luck!

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