Super Synth Guitar

by emily_littlebits

Published on October 8, 2015

Build a double-necked Super Synth Guitar that rocks as hard as you do. This synth circuit combines with two slide dimmers and a bargaph so you can put on a truly epic show. Rock on!

This project is a REMIX of the Keytar project by littleBits.

Duration: 30 minutes

How To Make It


Build the Super Synth Guitar circuit. ___
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Make the base for your Super Synth Guitar out of cardboard. ___
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You can print the “Guitar Base” template from the "Additional Files" section on this page.

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Doubling up on cardboard helps to make the base more sturdy.


Now decorate the base and make it fit for a rockstar! For inspiration, check out PANTOGRAPH's version of a keytar.
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Press your circuit onto a combination of mounting boards and Hook & Loop Shoes. ___
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We used the Hook & Loop Shoes on the “guitar neck” section of the circuit.

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Mount the circuit to the cardboard base. ___
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Cut 6 small pieces from the Hook & Loop Strip, one for each shoe.

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Press the 6 pieces onto the 6 Hook & Loop Shoes.

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Peel the backing off the Hoop & Loop Strips, so the sticky side is exposed.

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Using Glue Dots or a strong double-sided tape [like VHB], stick the mounting boards to the cardboard base.

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Stick the whole circuit to the cardboard base.


Hit the power and rock on! Adjust the knobs, slide the dimmers, and put on a show!
Click here to learn more about how to manipulate the synth Bits to create amazing sounds.
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