Synth Kit Pro Station

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Turn your Synth Kit Box into a pro synthesizer set up! 

How To Make It


Create your own synth circuit. We used the circuit from Synth Band (http://littlebits.cc/projects/synth-band): Power + Split 1.) Micro Sequencer + Oscillator + Filter + Mix 2.) Keyboard + Oscillator + Envelope + Delay +Mix + Speaker


Fold a piece of cardboard according to our template. Glue or tape it to form a hollow support channel that will sit at the back of your Synth Kit box.


Connect the cardboard channel to the back of your Synth Kit box using small binder clips. Make sure to place the binder clips at the four corners of the back flap.


Use VHB tape or glue dots to secure 2 Mounting Boards to the back flap of the box.


Make a cardboard insert for the inside of your box. Cut a strip to the same width as the interior of the box and fold the ends to make a stand that will sit inside the box. It should sit just below the rim of the box.


Place 2 more Mounting Boards on the interior cardboard stand. Secure with VHB tape or glue dots.


Decorate your pro station however you like and rock on.

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