Take-Out Tiki Torch

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

All the Bits needed to make this Tiki Torch are included in the littleBits Deluxe Kit.

Want to impress the guests at your next summer celebration? Grab a few Bits and the box from your last Chinese-food delivery and get making! Create this invention that keeps the tiki-torch fires burning from day into night.

How To Make It


Step 1. No more cooking, it's time to order some Chinese food! Make sure to save the rice box when you're finished. 


Step 2. Assemble the littleBits circuit: power + bright led + wire + bright led + wire + light wire.


Step 3. Measure the diameter of the wood dowel, cut a slightly smaller circle in the center of the bottom of the box. Use glue dots and duct tape to fix the first part of the circuit inside the box-power + bright led + wire and the battery.


Step 4. Cut four small holes in one of the box flaps and snap the second part of the circuit to it: wire + bright led + wire. Cut four windows on each side of the box, and then paste four sheets of the vellum paper from the inside of the box.


Step 5. Make a rectangular hole at the bottom of the box for the wire bit to come out. Cut two small pieces of the magnet sheet. Attach each one to the wire bit and the bottom of the box. The detachable take-out lantern is now finished! 


Step 6. Wrap the top of the wood dowel with light wire. Now you can put the take-out lantern on the top of the wood dowel and snap the wire to the light wire to complete the tiki torch-inspired lantern. 

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