Chun te


Tennis racket trainer for #BitOlympics

by Chun Te

Published on July 24, 2015

Have you ever wanted to improve your tennis? Do you suffer from an 'unclean' hits on the rim of the racket? Here's how.
Using some littleBits placed on the racket, you'll be notified by sound and tactile vibrations whenever the ball touches the rim

Duration: 1.25

Credits: Henry at CreativeTechCamp

How To Make It


Construct the circuits Connect up the circuits in this manner
   battery => power => button => pulse => buzzer => wire => vibration motor
In this example, we had two sets of the above, you may want to make 3 or more as you'd like to have
Adjust the speed of the pulse to your liking
[Optional] Use the shoes accessory to hold the bits together


Assembly Place the circuit onto the racket with blue tac Use an ice-cream stick and put it on the button The vibration motors are best placed near the handle to give tactile feedback


Play Start training with your newly enhanced tennis racket

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