Thanksgiving Left-Over-Wich Alarm

by arjun_littleBits

Published on November 23, 2016

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions using leftovers to make a super Thanksgiving Sandwich. I usually make it on Thursday night and save it for lunch on Friday. But, if you're family is like mine, the fridge isn't always the safest place to keep your glorious Left-Over-Wich. With extended family members staying over, food in the fridge tends to disappear into thin air, and sometimes you can catch the culprit, red cranberry sauce handed. So, I made this Thanksgiving Left-Over-Wich Alarm using the Rule Your Room Kit to ward of those pesky turkey burglars.

How To Make It


Prepare your sandwich
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Gather your materials
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Stick foil to clothes pin.
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Attach alligator clips to test circuit.
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See if output Bits are triggered by the closed circuit.
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Set your trap by placing some tape between the foil on the pin. Remove to test your trap.
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Place your Bits in the fridge. Put the servo in the door so that it swings out, blocking the sandwich.
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Tape your pin down and attach the alligator clips. Try hiding everything behind milk cartons or other stuff in the fridge.
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Stick a piece of tape on the bottom of your sandwich and place it between the ends of the clothes pin.
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Now just wait for someone to steal your meal and listen for that buzzer!
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