The Claw Machine

by Claw Machine

Published on May 18, 2018

The Claw Machine is an invention made by 6 persons during a project week in our school.

Our invention is like other arcade claw machine, we must catch to catch the toys with the claw. 

We used cardbord, wooden tongues, tubes, toothpick and brass fasteners. 

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Duration: 1 week

How To Make It


Build the box We create the structure of the box owing to the video " How to Make Hydraulic Powered Claw Machine from Cardboard " by The Q


Create the circuit The alimention is link with the button, which activate the servo for open/ close the claw. The we have 2 dimmer linked with the alimentation and the motor, that allow the movement for x-axis and the y-axis.


The assembly First, we stick together some wooden tongues like an accordeon. On the box, we made two holes on the top to place the tubes. Their distance is the same as the wooden accordeon when he is the idest possible. On the tubes, there are two wider tubes that can move along the smaller tubes. We glue a piece of cardboard as wide as the box to the two travelling tubes. At the base of the two smaller tubes, we glue one side of a wooden accordeon. The top is glued to the previous piece of cardboard. We used a wheel attached to a motor with some shoelace around to create pulley system. When the motor turns, the accordeon opens and the piece of cardbord can move along the tubes' axe. We do the same for the second axe but perpendicular to the previous axe. Now, we can move on the x and y axes. Finally, we glue to the previous built the accordeon that will allow the claw to go up and downn with the same pulley system as before. At the end of the accordeon, we glue our claw. The claw opens and closes thanks to a servo motor. At the press of a button, the claw opens.

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