the CloudBit poster

by LittlebitsMaster144

Published on January 22, 2018

This is my first upload, the CloudBit poster!  It’s a poster that moves when  your favorite YouTube channel posts a new video.  It’s a great combination of IFTTT and littlebits that is actually pretty useful, unlike other CloudBit projects. 

Duration: 20 minutes

How To Make It


Circuits Start by making this Circuit: p3 Power > w20 Cloud > o11 servo (see picture). All of these bits are in the CloudBit starter kit. Then, snap your project onto a mounting board. After that, snap the servo to the included mount (be careful!)
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Making the poster First, draw or print a picture of your favorite YouTube channel (mine is a picture of stikbot central) And then, attach the servo hub to it using the included #6 screws, tape or both!
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Mounting Starting, attach the poster-hub to the servo motor (see picture). Then put two nails into the wall where you want to hang up the poster (Be careful!). Then, hang up the poster.
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IFTTT Time! If you thought you where done now, look again! You still have to set up the IFTTT applet. So first, get the IFTTT app (if you don’t have it already), then go to: My applets > New applet > new trigger. Select YouTube as the trigger, and then, select New public video video from subscriptions. Then select your favorite YouTube channel, such as LEGO or TechQuickie (make sure you are subscribed to your favorite channel, or it won’t show up in the list!). Then select an action. Choose littlebits. Select set output level. Set the level to 100% and duration to 2 seconds. Now whenever your favorite channel posts a new video, you’ll always know!

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