The Dance-trument

by arjun_littleBits

Published on November 9, 2016

Use the BLE Bit with your Synth Kit to make a dance-controlled instrument! By shaking your phone you can trigger the sequencer to play, so now instead of the music controlling your dance moves, your dance moves controls the music.

How To Make It


MAKE YOUR CIRCUIT. power + ble + micro sequencer + oscillator + envelope (optional) + delay (optional) + synth speaker
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SELECT CONTROL & CONNECT Select Shake in the Bit Controls section of the littleBits App. Connect your app to the BLE.
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SHAKE Test your circuit by shaking your phone. Make sure your micro sequencer is on "speed" mode.
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SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING! Try different dance moves to trigger your micro sequencer! Film your best move and share it on the littleBits inventions page.
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