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The Dark Light

by briarwood6thgrade

Published on May 5, 2015

Have you ever been in the dark with glasses and cannot see.  We have a solution get the Dark light. It is very easy to use all you need is tape. You just tape the Dark light to your glasses and it works. This is special because it is so easy to use.The Dark light makes it easier to see. It is like a flashlight that goes on your glasses. It works by a light sensor. The darker it gets the brighter the lights get.One thing that is good is it is very portable. The light gets brighter when it gets darker. A scenario someone could use our invention is in the night when you get up to use the restroom and you could trip over things but with The Dark Light you trip no more.

Credits: Marcus Meeks and Ty Neidlein

How To Make It


Step 1 Get all bits used. 


Step 2 Connect the power to the light sensor.


Step 3 Connect the number to the light sensor.


Step 4 Connect the wire to the number.


Step 5 connect the four lights to the wire.


Step 6 Get a piece of dark construction paper.


Step 7 A piece of paper that looks like a flat megaphone.


Step 8 Tape the lights to the inside of the paper.


Step 9 Fold the paper so it makes a flashlight.


Step 10 Tape the sunglasses to the flashlight.

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