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The Fabulous littleMakey GIFbox

by leleo

Published on June 23, 2016

Build a littleBits circuit along with Makey Makey to help you make your own animated GIFs! It's a simple and quick to make circuit, so you can spend all the time you want decorating your box!


This project uses 4 bright LEDs, some wires, number and split bit that are not included on the list to the right, because they are completely optional! If you don't have some of the extra ones, don't worry, your GIFbox will be awesome anyways!

Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It


No box? Make one! Because I didn't have a box around, I created a template for a small box that is able to fit all the components inside. You'll find the template on the side bar to the right!
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Fit the Bit! Poke some holes on the top part of the box so you can hide all the nasty wires and secure the bits in place. Adhesive tape also helps!
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Makey in...cable out! Your Makey Makey needs a cable. That cable needs a computer! Cut a hole on the box big enough for the cable to go through.
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Adding the foil... Glue some aluminum foil to the bottom of the box.
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Aluminum popsicle. Yum! Wrap the popsicle stick in aluminum foil. Then attach it to the servo. Remember the servo turns clockwise when doing that!
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The servo needs to be stuck to the box so it doesn't move when you press the button. I did that by cutting a hole the barely fits the servo in. Be careful when doing this!
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Wrapping up! Connect the foil on the bottom of the box to the EARTH terminal of the Makey Makey, and the aluminum popsicle to the SPACE terminal. Make sure there are no short circuits! Next, connect the bits in order. The bright LEDs come in handy if you're in a room with low light, but they're completely optional!
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GIFing Close the box, turn on the circuits and head to http://gifpal.com Each time you press the button, the website is going to add a new frame to your GIF. When you're done, press Make GIF. Save it and share with your friends! Also, be sure to post your creations here, I would love to see your version of the GIFbox!

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