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The "Hot" duel

by Elieeeee

Published on April 2, 2018

This invention was the first runner-up of the 2018 Make it Move invention challenge!

Summer time is coming. And summer time means sun and hot weather. Days are longer and beaches on the menu. And as it is, summer is the perfect time for challenges... Theres time and energy everywhere.

This is why I decided to create a game that can remind of summer: a "hot" duel. In this game, two players will be fighting on an arena and will try to eliminate their enemy. Now the characters and the arena were not a challege: the biggest challenge was to #MakeItMove. 

Join me now with Robert, Christine, Bryan, Captain Mathew, Mrs. Sarkiss and Bob for a game you will never forget!!!!

There is an other video, WATCH IT HERE: https://youtu.be/c0wvp8khwfM

Duration: from 6 to 8 hours

How To Make It


Building the Arena First of all you will need an arena. On a piece of wooden board and with a pencil, draw a circle and cut it using a saw. Then take a wooden plank. On it, stick three wooden cylinders , leaving a space between them. Stick using a glue gun the circle on those three cylinders. You have the arena!!! For more decoration, I decided to put four sticks on the side that I would later join with ropes. If you would like to do so, Stick those ropes with glue gun, and if they do not hold well, then use some cork. When the sticks are fixed, use a long rope and join them together. You can later if you wish paint the arena and add littlebits stickers on the ropes to design it.
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Building the characters After you have your setting, you now need some characters. You can do as many as you like and you can do whatever you can think of!!! To do my characters, i used wooden cylinders that would be designed with the shape of a human (a head and a neck and the rest is the body). To decorate i used used crepon paper, old clothes, and some painting. Here are the characters i chose to do: Robert, the gendarme. Christine,the bride. Bryan, the lifeguard. Captain Mathew, the sea captain. Mrs. Sarkiss, the fancy lady. Bob, the robot.
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Under the arena Now, you will need to make your characters moving. to do so, we chose a particular system where you will need two dc motors ( 2 players) UNDER the arena. To do so, stick with a glue gun to used batteries (Or anything else; i chose Lego pieces) to give the appropriate height to have the two dc motors very close to the surface of the arena, but not touching it!! Before you stick the dc motors with either glue gun or patafixe, put two wheels on the motor and on each stick one piece of magnet.
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Above the arena Above the arena is the characters. currently, the look pretty, but they are still unable to move. To do so, under each one, stick a piece of magnet with either glue gun or patafix, and make sure that the opposite sides of the magnets meet (if the magnet under it is positive, make sure the upper is negative). Then, both magnets meet the character will have the same movement as the wheel!!! Note: If from one pair of magnet the characters don't catch well, you can put between the pair a magnet that is stronger and bigger than the pair, it will catch better.
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Kick Kick Kick!!!! Now that your characters can move (yay!!), you will need them to kick each other. To do so, stick a servo on the back of each character, and then add a sword (that you design also) on the servo and make sure it kicks to the front. attach it to a button and then, put the whole thing on a piece of wood. You should put this piece of wood on the same level of the arena in any way you find appropriate. I used a stick to do so. Note: If you are on a low budget project, you can only use two servos and two magnets and switch them as you switch characters. This is the case in here. then you will have to stick them with patafix. if not, than make sure that the number of servos and the number of magnets is equivalent to the number of characters you choose to make. Then you can either use patafix of glue gun.
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Connect it all together!! Now the project is almost over! you still need to connect everything together. take one side. Take a USB power ( a battery for me did not have enough power) and connect it to a fork. Take two wires: On will be the connection between the fork and the dc motor, the other will be between the fork and the button-servo mechanism. Do the exact same thing on the other side
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Have fun!!! Now you can enjoy your project with your friends and family!!!! You can also add challenges to unlock the characters, here are some if you chose the characters i did:
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