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the littlebits Harry Potter quidditch match.

by banyantreeofhope

Published on January 8, 2018

heres a short game where your harry potter and your trying to cach the snich.

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It


step 1 draw the background. and draw and cu out your Harry Potter!
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step 3 tape your background to the back of the your box. then tape 2 tooth picks on the back of your Harry Potter.


the circuit the circuit go's like this: power, split, one end go's to the slide dimmer they other go's to another split. on the slide dimmers side of the wire a wire go's to a servo. on they other side of the split go's another split and on side of the other split go's a bargraph. on they other side go's a motor, light sensor, and buzzer.
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adding it to the box. attach the circuit to a bead board. then tape the bread board to the box. cut a hole in the top of the box for the servo.
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put Harry Potter on. look at pictures below.
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add a snitch and bludger. by taping them to some thread then taping it to the top of the box.
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