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The magic of Harry Potter and the Whomping Willow

by Lollypop

Published on January 7, 2017


This invention shows a scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets. Harry Potter is in a flying car stuck in the whomping willow.  The branch is moving trying to strike the car while Harry's best friend Ron is trying to retrieve his wand from one of the branches. He is shouting 'lumus' and the wand is lighting up. The car is beeping.

Duration: 1 day

How To Make It


Make the tree Using cardboard and scissors cut out all the tree parts. Stick the blue tax at the end of each branch and attach it to the trunk. Using sticks from outside attach them using blue tax to the branches.
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Connect the bits Using the photo below as a guide, connect the bits.
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Make the base Cover a plastic container (the size of a blue berry container) with grey felt.
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Erect tree Use a large piece of cardboard to support the tree from behind. Use blue tac to connect the top of the trunk to the support cardboard.
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Make the moving branch Using the instructions in step one make a large branch. Poke a hole into the bottom of your trunk, allowing space for the branch to move. Put the end of the DC motor and the motor attachment through the hole. Use a rubber band to keep the motor in place. Put blue tac over the DC motor attachment. Put the branch on top of the blue tac.
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Attach the buzzer Attach the buzzer behind the top of the trunk using a rubber band.
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Place felt on the tree Using glue, put felt on the tree.
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Lumous light Above the trunk place the LED light. Secure with a rubber band. Using blue tac put a Lego wand beneath the LED light. Make a star sign using the below photo as a guide. Place the sign over the LED light.
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Make the car Draw a small car on a piece of paper. Use this to trace a car onto cardboard. Cut out the cardboard car. Use this as a template to cut out some blue felt. Glue the felt onto the cardboard. Add detail as shown in the photo below.
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Final touches. Place the car on any branch using blue tac. Using blue tac stabilise Lego Ron. Place the Lego owl on any upright stick.
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Test it out! By switching on the circuit and pressing the white button, you will be able to see the branch rotating, the wand light up and the car will beep. Enjoy.

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