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The Prize Machine

by Squirt1

Published on March 17, 2016

its a machine that well you win prizes from! Its a little hard cause the things move, its not in its box so you can see how its built! Add a servo to the other servo and atach a servo part and you have a lepracon trap!

thank you! In the video ill explain every thing and if no video, just ask for help!

Duration: 1-2 Hours Or More

Credits: Me and my brother!

How To Make It


Get stuff get a power bit and a battery, a split, a button, a wire bit, a servo, two 1in. wire, a servo part/addon, a slide dimmer, 2 moters, 2 moter addons, and 2 prizes!


Build attach the battery to the power bit, attach a split to the power, on one side of the split attach a button and the servo, now on the servo attach the part that goes left and right or up and down, then attach 1 wire on each side of the servo part, then on the other side attach a slide dimmer(this is to tell how hard its gonna be), then attach a moter with the moter part, then the wire bit, attach the other moter with the part then....... put it in a box make it awesome looking and add the prizes then done! ;D

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