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The Quiz Show Game

by swiseman

Published on June 2, 2017

We made a totally new invention.  When you use our code a question pops up.  The question is "Is the capitol of WV in Charleston?"  If you press the top button you have chosen yes as the answer.  If you press the bottom button you have selected no. After you press a button and the answer is correct a check mark will appear.  If you select the wrong answer an X will appear on the screen.

Duration: It takes about 15 minutes to make our invention.

How To Make It


Quiz Show Game 1. Load the Tug of War Invention Code. 2. Delete the code except for the grey frame. 3. Add the code you see below. Add a yes or no question in the code. 4. Build the circuit. 5. Upload the code to the codebit. 6. Play the game.
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