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The haunted Tornado house

by Elieeeee

Published on October 31, 2016

Back in 1626, a rich feudalist Gregoire Tornado has bult one of the most beautifull houses of his time and named it after his family name: Tornado house. This house was given to Gregoire's sons generation after generation, and evry generation used to renovate it with new stuff. In 1826, the heir of the house was a woman for the first time since Gregoire, she was Elizabeth Tornado, also known as Miss Tornado. Miss Tornado was to marry a very famous painter who loved her. Soon enaugh, the painter fell into a big debt, and Miss Tornado soonly left him. He begged, he implored but she didn't bother hearing him. And one night, While Miss Tornado was eating in her house, the painter came by the back door and strangled her and in less than a second, she was dead. The painter stole evrything he could take and killed anyone who would try to stop him. Miss Tornado's ghost kept living in the house. Time passed and years flew and step by step, Her house became the "Tornado museum". Miss Tornado was in a big rage: She decided to curse the house so anyone who entered the house would know that Miss Tornado is still living to this day in  her house, and its property of nobody...

This Project shows the curse of Miss Tornado on her house: We decided to use little bits so when anyone would open the back door so he could visit her house, The furniture (Painting, table, chairs...) would start moving in all the ways they can so they know Miss Tornados ghost is still living in here and no one is ever to come....

For a short summary video click the link below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vK12pa6PkA

Duration: 8 hours

How To Make It


Tornado house's kitchen First, we need an apartment to be the kitchen where Miss Tornado dies. We take a wood plank that will be the floor. We take a second wood plank that will be the ceiling. Then, we take a third plank that we cut to the same width of the first two planks. Then we stick all of the planks together with the glue gun and we have a room. To make it more beautiful, we decided to design it with painting.
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The Furniture! Every house has furniture! For this one we decided to put a painting, a cabinet, a dinning table, a chair and a smaller table with a vase. - For the painting, Cut in the wood a rectangular piece. Then, draw a cadre in the wood that you can cut. Cut every piece alone and stick them on the square so they match. - For the cabinet and the chair, we used a model to cut the pieces of wood and stick them together to give the shape we wanted. - For the two tables, we draw a circle for the large one and a square for the small one. Then, we finish the rest by shaping a wooden cylinder on a lather. once the cylenders are shaped,we stick the shapes we did before. We do also shape a small cylinder for the vase. You can add little things (Mugs, plates...) and also color them with painting to make it more realistic and nice. (The woman drawn in the picture at the back is Miss Tornado :-))
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Placing the furniture This step is short and easy :-D!!!!! Just decide where you need to put each item done in a way that each item is capable of being shown. The painting should be attached to a servo motor to the wall with sticky thing. For the table and the chandelier, drill two holes (obviously for the chandelier up and the table down.)
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The Light Before the furniture would start to move, we decided to put some light that would blink. So we took a bright led that we stick to the window. We added a pulse and a battery so it could work. The light is done nice and easily!!!
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Spining like tornados! The table with the vase has no function. The other big table has its function on its own: Spinning! We take a dc motor that we fix under the house ( and to fix under the house, we need to put it on four paper mugs that will hold it up). Drill a hole where you want your table to be. (Note: The dc motor must be under the table!) Then drill the table. Put some glue inside the table's hole we just drilled. Bring a stick that we stick well on the dc motor and on the table. Now when you turn the dc motor, the table will spin!!!!!!!!!!
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Moving shadows... (1) The painting, the closet ,the chair and the chandelier have all the same function: Moving right and left or up and down: -For the painting, we drill a hole in the wall we want our painting to be. We put the servo in side the house and the motor of the servo outside so we can relate it with the battery. We stick the painting to the part of the servo that moves so the painting moves! - For the chandelier, we drill a hole to the ceiling. We take another servo that we put. We tie a rope to the servo and to the ceiling. The rope passes threw the hole we drilled. The chandelier now moves up and down To economize battery, we related the chandelier and the painting and the light to a branch. We add a swing to the painting and the chandelier so we can decide there speed Note: The two servos must be in swing mode. The next two are the next step ;-)
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Moving shadows... (2) for the next two: - For the chair, we drill a small hole in the ceiling. we take, again, one more servo on swinging mode that we put on the top of the box. We add again a rope that we tie to the servo and bring it down and stick it to the chair. Now the chair will move, and you can move it as you wish by choosing how to place the servo on the top (it must not be on the ground) - The closet is the most challenging!! For this, we do a eccentric mechanism where we drill a hole and put a dc motor that we relate to the eccentric circle. The challenging part was to relate the dc motor and the circle Note: The eccentric mechanism is in the photo shown.
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Happy Halloween!!!!! Now that you finished your house, you can enjoy it!!!! Happy Halloween!!
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