Thingiverse Dragon Hack

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

This sound triggered dragon sets flight through the storm when he hears a loud clap of thunder.

This project uses 3D parts downloaded from MakerBot's "Automaton Dragon" on ThingiverseWe altered some of their files to make a super littleBits-powered dragon!

How To Make It


Take a power module and connect the battery cable and 9V battery to it. Next, assemble the circuit: power + bright led + sound trigger + wire + timeout + dc motor + pulse + wire + bright led + inverter + bright led.


3d print the dragon! For this project, we used files from "Automaton Dragon" on Thingiverse and printed them with our UP! 3d Printer. Print the following files: Head.stl, Body.stl, Tail.stl, Wings.stl, and Dragon_Cam.stl. For our project, we replaced MakerBot's hand crank with littleBits and resized the cam to fit the dc motor.


Laser cut the box parts. Use acrylic glue to assemble the boxes. See files: DragonBox_LaserCut.ai and DragonBox_Assembly.jpg. If you want to add some scenery to your dragon box, check out the files we used for etching the front and top panels: front etching.ai.


Attach the cam to the dc motor.


Place the Bits in their designated spots inside the box.


Unfold a paperclip and attach it to the hole in the cam. Make sure that the other end of paperclip goes up through the center slot in the top of the box.


Use paperclips or another malleable rod to fix the dragon above the box. Use the holes in the top of the box to weave the paperclips through. To connect the paperclips to the dragon, use glue. There are five points of connection (head, tail, wings x 2, and body). The body will be connected to the center paperclip (the one connected to the cam). This is how you make your dragon fly.


Connect the parts of the dragon together. Use a malleable wire to join the head, tail, and wings to the body. Be sure to leave some slack in between for when the dragon flies.


Attach a small knob to the back panel.


Close up the box.


Flip the little black power switch on the front of your box, turn up the thunder, and watch your dragon battle the storm.

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