by devincifablab

Published on March 11, 2016

Hi guys!

We would like to introduce you the TotoBots. It's a little house mate who can do a lot of things! He is able to wake you up, give you a lot of informations like the weather of the day or your friends birthdays...
He is also a tool of home automation (pull up the blinds, control the room temperature..).

And now we will present to you the process.

Duration: 4 days


Julien Salliot, Quentin Paolantoni, Vasco Potier, Arthur Piquemal, Guillaume Rossi.

TotoBot design made with the help of Papercraft.

How To Make It


to put together the differents elements (littlebits) put together the littlebits like is showed in the picture
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to tranfer the program in arduino insert this program in arduino and you can try it.


fabrication of the mecanic door you can use LEGO or a other construction game to make a door. we built the mecanic door with a wheel linked with a motor and count the delay to open the door and change the value in the code at delay digitalWrite(lightPin, HIGH); delay(2000);


the building of totobots you can build the totobots with the paperscrafts and you can fixe the lamp in this eyes
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more information you can have more informations in the facebook page

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