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trick or treat dispenser #hackhalloween

by Sky Shin

Published on October 24, 2015

Trick your trick or treater and then give them a treat! If people ringing on your doorbell annoys you, why not make a self candy dispensing machine for halloween? Except candy was too heavy to spin the bottle, so I improvised. 

ft. my brother (actor in the video)

how to make:

step 1:wires are a better way to spread out the modules, but when wires are used it does not power everything so wires can not be used.

step 2: connect the following: motor, led light, buzzer, button, and power/battery

step 3: attach a empty water bottle to the motor (you can poke a hole on the cap and attach it to the motor), then cut a square on your bottle for candy to fit or in this case a paper that lets you know you have been tricked.

step 4: get a box and put it on top of the bottle where the candy will fall into the square in the bottle and dropped when the bottle spins. (These directions are hard to explain in words so it is not throughly explained) 

step 5: Decorate to make it look scary! Add a scary figure on the led light, that will light up when the button is pressed. Add scary decorations to the box.


Duration: around 25 - 40 min.