Tropical Party Lamp

by SFeng

Published on April 23, 2014

The Tropical Party Lamp is a sculptural piece made out of a plastic box, a newspaper cut figure, cardboard, aluminum and a party drink umbrella.  The idea was to make a lamp that would have different modes of lighting either still or flashing different colors.  Using the littleBits Slide Dimmer and Pulse, the 2 Long LED's and RGB LED are adjusted to whichever lighting desired.  The tropical umbrella and paper figure moving with the help of the littleBits motor are a fun motif for the piece.

Credits: Students of Physical Computing: Interactive Installation at Hunter College - Jeremy Baptiste-Toussaint, Duncan Glaser, Diana QuiƱones Rivera, Michael Romeo, Daniel Wen, Edmund Wong

How To Make It


For the Lightbox, connect the Power to the Button.


Connect the Button to the Branch.


Since the branch has three additional sides, add the Slide Dimmer to one side and the Pulse to another side.


Connect the Dimmer to the Pulse.


Connect a Wire to the Dimmer, followed by a RGB LED and finish this side by connecting a Long LED.


Go back to your Slide Dimmer and connect a Wire followed by an LED and finish with a Long LED.


Plug in the power bits.


For the Rotating Umbrella, connect USB power to a Wire.


Connect the Motor to the Wire.


Attach the umbrella to the motor with a few pieces of clear tape.


For the Lamp Sculpture, cut out a square piece of cardboard, wrap the color paper and tape the bottom.


Take a plastic container and wrap color paper around taping it to the inside of the box.


Take any newspaper or magazine, cut out a figure of your choice, and tape the back to a piece of cardboard of the same size.


Tape the bottom of the figure to the side of an aluminum candle base.


Cut out another piece of cardboard to tape in the back of the candle base.


The cardboard will help hold the motor in place.


Added fabric to disguise it. In this case, we added green fabric.


Insert the motor into the aluminum candle base.


Take the bits you put together for the Lightbox and place them inside the plastic container.


Turn off your house lights to see the results.

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