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#InventforGood Bat Vision

by Anahit

Published on March 14, 2016

This device can detect the obstacles on your way using echolocation method just like bats do. It's like you have your own bat-friend who can accompany you wherever you go and tell you if there is something on your way that you cannot see.

It is a useful tool for blind people and for people working in the conditions of very low or no visibility. Of course, it can also be used for playing fun games.

The voice alert will turn on once you appear within a dangerous distance from the obstacle ahead.

It is based on the Arduino Bit. It drives the ultrasonic sensor and keeps measuring the distance from the objects ahead. The buzz alert indicates that the distance from the object is within 50 cm.

Duration: 5 days

Credits: Anahit, Astghik & Smbat

How To Make It


Connecting the Ultrasonic Ranging Module HC - SR04 Here I want to describe how is the Ultrasonic Ranging Module connected. It has 4 terminals 1. VCC (power 5V +) 2. GND (ground -) 3. TRIG (trigger) 4. ECHO (echo) TRIG is an output from Arduino. We have connected it to the output "d1". ECHO is an input to Arduino.We have connected it to the input d0. For connections we have used a modified wire bit (see in the picture). However, it can be done using proto-modules too. We have connected the VCC and GND terminals through modified wire bits. They can also be connected to the proto bits if you use those modules. Please let me know if you have any question regarding connection of this component.
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Picture 2


Assemble the device Connection of littleBits modules can be done according to the sketch. It is straightforward. You can feel free to design the packaging the way you like. We decided to mount bat wings to the buzzer module and it looks cool. The bits are mounted on a standard mounting board. Two hair bands are mounted through the corner holes of the mounting board using zip ties. It allows to wear the device on your hand. Please see the picture attached.
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Picture 2

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