Vending for Slightly Uncomfortable Praise

by Curiosibot

Published on April 27, 2015

Our Maker lab class created a device using the cloud bit. Attached to one group of bits was the cloud bit and a motion sensor which was placed inside the machine to trigger an MP3 player when a drink was retrieved.

The mp3 player was loaded with compliments and pep from a computer voice and from phrases recorded by the students. 

On top of the other vending machine was a cloud bit receiving and triggering the mp3 player attached to a speaker. 

We found that the cloud bit had troubles when placed in the location we were with spotty WIFI, so ultimately the class decided to trigger the the mp3 player with a pressure sensor. 

In the second version, the pressure sensor was placed over the coke button and triggered an odd compliment. 

Credits: Valencia Makers Lab, Berklee Valencia Makers Lab Course

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