Video game controllers

by Faber

Published on May 31, 2018

We've made a game before, played with keyboard.

With littleBits, we managed to asign the controlls to 6 buttons via ARDUINO, all of it wrapped in a arcade game looking design.


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Duration: about 7 hours

How To Make It


intro 1/ (using AZERTY keyboard) As we use Q and D to move right and left, and A, Z, E, R to use the four abilities, we needed to be able to use littleBits button as Keyboard strokes input.


plugging 2/ So first we connected the littleBits and plugged the four cables as on the pictures. (for each arduino, there has to be one cable for alimentation, and another one to load the arduino scripts).


scripts 3/ For the scripts, we wrote two (one for each ARDUINO, three commandes being on each ARDUINO). So the two look very much alike, only the buttons are named differently, and the appropriate keystrokes are not the same. /!\ be careful when you load the scripts, to get the right one on the right ARDUINO card (thus paying attention to the PORT before loading) (the scripts were done on ARDUINO client, but remember our game was already fuctionnal on keyboard before, via unity and C# scripts. We only made the buttons send keyboard inputs.)


cutting and glueing boards 4/ Then when you get your controllers working, start cutting the boards. We can't give you appropriate dimensions, as our mesures are fitting the computer we used. Since yours might be of a different size, you'll have to cut your own boards like they fit well. However, we added pictures of what pieces we used, how we shaped them, and how we glued them together.


the end 5/ Hope you'll get it working, Have fun with littleBits !

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