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Virtual dad

by jdany

Published on November 28, 2015

Put the 'Wireless transmitter + Sound trigger + Arduino' circuit in dad's office. Put the 'Wireless receiver + mp3 player + speaker' circuit in kids' play room. Copy dad's message (e.g. 'Too loud!') to mp3 player. Modify the value of 'dadToleranceLevel' in the following Arduino sketch if needed:

int xmitter = 5;
int soundsensor = A1;

char buf[50];
int onCount = 0;

int dadToleranceLevel = 5;  //higher number == higher tolerance

void setup()
  pinMode(xmitter, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  int bSoundOn = digitalRead(soundsensor);

  if (bSoundOn)
    sprintf(buf, "sound on, cnt %d", onCount);
    if (onCount > dadToleranceLevel)
      sprintf(buf, "sound still on, cnt %d", onCount);
      digitalWrite(xmitter, HIGH);
      onCount = 0;
    sprintf(buf, "sound off");
    analogWrite(xmitter, 0);
    onCount = 0;


Duration: 1 hr

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