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Waste Whirler

by H3nry

Published on January 13, 2017

Have any garbage? Just drop the waste in and with the flick of a switch it's in the trash can and your new buddy has glowing eyes.

How To Make It


Connect the battery to the power cable and the power cable to the power bit.
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Snap the power bit to the sound trigger.
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Snap the sound trigger bit to the bargraph bit and the bargraph bit to the servo bit
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Use 3 adhesive shoes to stick it to the box
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Snap the servo motor to the servo mount and use one screw to attach it.
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Attach the servo motor to the servo hub.
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Attach the mechanical arm to the servo hub using two screws.
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Assemble the template and slide it onto the mechanical arm.
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Assemble the template and tape note card cut outs to the eye holes.
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Draw eyes on the note card cut outs and cut a hole to access the switch.
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You are done so start whirling waste!
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